Christmas Jar Story: ‘My hope and prayers are that it will inspire her to have HOPE’

In early November I invited seven friends for lunch. An invitation was sent out in such a way that they were wondering just what this luncheon was all about! So they came, each from a different town or city and each had a different thought about why I was asking them to lunch without it being some special occasion! I chose people I felt I could count on to follow through with the concept once they learned about my reason for inviting them. But after explaining the purpose of the luncheon, I did suggest that if they didn’t feel they wanted to or couldn’t do a Christmas Jar then perhaps they would pass it on to someone else. After we dined on a chicken casserole, cole slaw, homemade bisquits and dessert, I pointed out a display of Jason F. Wright’s books on a nearby table and explained the following to them.

During the summer of 2010, while visiting my daughter in South Carolina she reminded me once again that I really needed to read this little book she had mentioned to me several times called “The Christmas Jar.” So, in 103 degree heat, I sat by the pool and in no time finished this short but powerful little book and went on to read the next one. By the time I was airborne, on my way back to New Jersey, I felt inspired to share this idea of a Christmas Jar with others. Thus, the luncheon and the opportunity to give each of my seven friends a little shopping bag filled with their own copy of the book as well as their first jar.

The next morning one friend called to thank me for inviting her and explained that she knew someone she wanted to do something special for but hesitated giving this person a check because they might be feel uncomfortable taking such a gift but now she has the perfect way by leaving it on their doorstep in the form of a Christmas Jar!

Another friend has since called to say she will begin her jar this coming January for next year because they don’t accumulate much change anymore since they use credit cards most of the time. However she was going to present the idea to her church group in Pa.

A third friend belongs to a very active Greek Orthodox church and when they do something they do it big! She is so enthusiastic that if she can get this book idea across to them, as she plans to, there will be many Christmas Jars in 2011.

Another friend has shared what she plans to do with her jar. She has found out that a member of a family she knows quite well is having difficulties and is struggling financially to stay independent. She asked for this person’s home address and plans to deliver her jar between now and Christmas.

Eventually there will be more stories. My jar is going to a special person who has had one problem after the other in her life and this year was one of the worst. Her husband passed away and the only way she could manage to keep her small house was having family move in with her. She has major health issues which prevent her from driving any longer. I don’t plan on letter her know the jar is from us. She will recieve a book as well and my hope and prayers are that it will inspire her to have HOPE…………..