Christmas Jar Story: ‘Today we found on our doorstep a jar containing $96.72’

We are the blessed recipients of a Christmas Jar.

Things are very tight this year, but we have always believed that the Lord knows what we need so we don’t have to ask anyone but Him.

We are just managing to tread water, some bills are late, but we get to them in the end. Two things were really concerning us this week. We had a credit card payment due on Friday and we hadn’t enough to buy Christmas presents for our two youngest little boys. Yes, there older siblings will give them something, but we wanted to give them something.

Today we found on our doorstep a jar containing $96.72, with a note saying “Merry Christmas to the two little boys, inspired by the book ‘Christmas Jars'”.
We had to search on line as we didn’t know anything about Christmas jars or the book.

Whoever you are out there, you have really changed our Christmas for us and the two little boys.

A & C
Mountain Home, AR