Readers’ Guide

1. In one sentence, how would you define the word HOPE?

2. In the prologue, “Hope” is unexpectedly discovered, and it forever changes the life of Louise. What have you recently unexpectedly discovered and how do you think it can/will change your life?

3. What was the significance of the tic-tac-toe game of tater tots (pg. 16)? What simple traditions do you have in your life and what do they symbolize?

4. “This just don’t belong in the papers” (pg. 31). Do you agree? Are acts of kindness better left anonymous?

5. How can you give away Christmas (pg. 69)?

6. What “jar story” did you most relate to? Why?

7. Have you or your family been blessed by a Christmas act of kindness?

8. Do you believe that “good goes around”? How have you seen that in your own life?

9. What can your book club group do to bring hope to someone in need this holiday season? Who do you know who might be in need of their own Christmas jar?

10. Will you go home today and start a Christmas Jar of your own?

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