Christmas Jar Story: ‘We will continue the work’

This is the second year we have done the Christmas jars and this year we decided to give it to my brother and his wife and son. He lost his job in November of last year and finally became employed again but had to wait 90 days before his insurance became effective. Unfortunately he began having serious problems before that time and was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. He has endured several surgeries and is still undergoing chemo treatments with the hope that he can have another surgery to actually remove the large mass after the chemo shrinks it. He has a good outlook on life and wants to live to see his twin grandsons, age 2, grow up and to be there for his wife and other adult son who lives with them and is unemployed. His wife found a job after he was forced to quit working but fell and broke her leg so lost her job. It has truly been a hard year for them and like his wife said, “the devil seems to really be after us but we are determined not to let him win.” Members of our family have struggled to help them financially and to pay their rent and at least now they have a little support from a disability check but we are not sure if he will be with us until next Christmas even though we know God can do wondrous things. We like to wait until night and leave our jar always with a copy of the book so they will truly understand the concept. Thank you for this most blessed part of our Christmas. We will continue the work.