She was so thrilled and gave me such a hug

Plymouth, Pennsylvania —

I can’t tell you how this book changed the way I looked at things and how It inspired me to save throughout the year so I could gift my jar to someone. Each year as Nov turns to Dec I start to pray and ask our Lord for guidance on who should receive this jar, other than the first Jar where I frankly wasn’t sure what to do and just gave it to someone I knew, All the others I have asked and prayed for help to show me who should receive this. This year it went to a Coworker that I really don’t know well at all. I could not give it in secret like I have been doing but She was so thrilled and gave me such a hug.  I know she is having so many things happening in her life and I truly know now why God wanted her to have this. But I will not share her story as it is for her to tell. But when I found out it has made me so very sad hearing some of the things that are happening to such a nice woman.
Thank you jason for such beautiful works like this Book that have touched my heart and soul and have helped me to grow closer to My savior Christ Jesus.