It helped me through THE most trying time of my life

Woodstock, Virginia —

My story — I found myself leaving my home after 16 years married/24 year relationship. I have two daughters 15 and 9. While I was lucky to find housing and had help from friends and some pretty amazing people I still was really unsure that I was going to be ‘ok’. 

Prayerfully, not long before Christmas, I had a knock on the door and heard someone running down the stairs. I live on the 3rd floor so they hustled! 

There at my feet was a mason jar full of change/money with a book about The Christmas Jars. I can remember reading what this was about and maybe even had heard of it before but didn’t remember…well…someone blessed me beyond measure that day. 

It wasn’t just about Christmas. It helped me through THE most trying time of my life and took off stress of not just Christmas but some of these new things I had to take on alone. 

To know someone out there saw me and believed in me and wanted to help me out in this way, well it all just meant more than any amount of words can express.

So thank you for creating such a wonderful idea for people to help others as such. I’m forever grateful.