We were constantly struggling with finances and being homeless countless times

Floral City, Florida —

My name is Christina Lamphier. Im a 41 yr old mom of 4 boys, married to an amazing man named danny. I recently moved to florida 8 yrs ago. On this journey of a different path, we are origionally from upstate New York, we were constantly struggling with finances and being homeless countless times.

Since my husband did construction stable income was so hard. I had a dream that one day we would be successful, and not financially. Thats not success. Success is having a stable life and hopes and dreams eapecially for our children. I was persistant trying so hard. No matter how far i tried to keep us ahead it was always steps backwords.

Backwords in ways that crush you as a mom and a wife but worst off as a person. Even though no matter how you struggled, i always held the door open for anyone, returned the carts, paid for things for strangers in line, even used my AAA for a elderly man who locked his keys in his car and couldnt afford a locksmith. I was that person. Always has been always will. We made this move here to this sunshine state with the clothes on our backs and a rent a car no jobs …no home. Just the faith and love of our family.

We arrived and live in my friends camper for 6mths. No food no help. My husband got a job at a construction company making bare minimum for even food. Having me my husband and 3 kids in a tiny space ya it was challenging id be lying if i didnt say so. Trust me it was hard. So hard he would cry and wanna go bk to ny because he felt like a failure as a father and a husband. To me and his boys that was NOT the case!

We held each other strong. I got him an indeed account created his resume. Got him a interview the company hes been at now for a long time. We struggled yes we did. We had a place of our own and our landlord sold our place and then stole our camper stole our kids baby pics stole our xmas tree.

All in the same time i lost 2 sidters in less than a mth to 2 heart attacks in less than 2 months. With my severe anxiety and depression i ate my feelings. Not wanting to be around. Looking at my babies and thinking NO …THEY NEED ME HERE! I NEED ME HERE. 

I know mamy feel this way many feel like they are not good enough or they try so hard and get stomped on constantly. Going from nothing to now both of us working and me working so hard on my credit… now we own our first home. A mth after we get our home we get our camper back but nothing is inside its all gone. What did we do to deserve this. ??

To still giving food to the homeless taking in family helping them the best we can. We go with out but i help thats my thing. ♡ we get a cqll our oldest son in ny OD on drugs and is in a mental hospital. We use our xmas money to go to ny to grab him n save his life …we also grabbed his 17 yr old bro …his mom left state and left them homeless w no food or clothes.

Now if you have read this and understand how i am …i wasnt allowing any child not even mine go with out. I hate asking for help i dont take from the needy especially more needy than i. I was working today i work from home i try …i dont get help i dont ask for it.

As im on the phone with a customer my husband brings in this bag…this bag with no note…just a jar filled w cash and some change n a book. I couldnt help the tears that ran down my cheek.

As im finished w my customer i ask who this came from no one knew. Whoever you are who left this at my mailbox ypu have no idea how this touched my soul. How it touched my heart. I dont communicate my  hardships to anyone so this one was just maybe a angel looking out for us.

We used our last dime and we are behind on my mortgage for going to ny to save my son and his brother. But as you read you know that didnt matter those babies are here safe warm food and clothes …well what i can afford.

Their younger brothers are getting something for xmas now bc someone with a heart of gold helped this family in ways i cannot explain. Im forever greatful and appreciated. 

Christina Lamphier

Floral City, FL