We stayed 14 days in the forest away from all contact with civilization

Cripple Creek, Colorado—

Me and my family received a Jar. In February my wife lost her brother to COVID-19. We all miss him still to this day. We have been struggling since March of 2020. I was working in the healthcare industry when the COVID-19 hit. One day I went to work just like any other day, and when I got to work the CDC was in my facility. After asking around, I found out that 3 employees came in to work who tested positive for the virus. A couple days later 2 more, different employees came to work who tested positive too.

To be honest, I got really scared to go to work. I was afraid that I was going to get sick, or even bring it home to my wife and my 12 year old. At that point me and my wife decided to listen to the President and go into our 14 day quranteen. That day I called my boss at the healthcare facility, and I told him what was going on, since he had already gone on quranteen himself. He fired me the next day without warning.

So I started to help my wife with the family business that she has spent a good portion of 7 years to build. A short time after we got told by our clients that we are not aloud to work for them as long as the virus is out of control.

A week later we got evicted from a family member’s home, and we had no choice but to leave the city and moved to the mountains in our 25 foot RV.

We stayed 14 days in the forest away from all contact with civilization. After the quranteen we were aloud to go back to work. We saved and went without so we could get into an RV park. We stayed at the park until me and my wife started to notice weird activities going on in the park. In August we went to pay rent and the owner decided to rip us off. When we called him on it he told us to leave. We had no place to go.

The next thing I know we are out in the forest again. One day on our way to work our only car started to over heat. After spending money that we need to survive on, and going without the car got repossessed by a car lot who wouldn’t work with us. We lost our business and we fell flat on our face with our 12 year old.

We have been walking around the mountains to get water, gas for the generator, propane for heat, and food. Now it’s Christmas and me and my wife had no idea how we were going to get anything for our 12 year old daughter.

Last night me and my wife where attending to our sick dog stressing the fact that it’s the week before Christmas and no money. All the sudden a car pulled up to our camp site, and two gentlemen got out and knock on my RV. I opened the door and they handed me a the her of money. I was speechless.

I just know that who ever sent us the money change the fact that a little girl will have a wonderful Christmas after a dark year. We thank who ever sent it to us.