I was beyond the end of my rope financially

Bumpass, Virginia —

I received a Christmas jar….we are an elderly couple who moved back to Louisa va in 2018 to be closer to our doctors and downsize to a small house I could more easily manage. In 2015 my husband survived a sudden cardiac arrest resulting in brain damage and loss of his job in a 2019 I required heart surgery myself.

We love our house bought it with a home inspection which will become ironic as our story unfolds. 2020 began with my husband having a second cardiac arrest and heart surgery the anesthesia caused more brain damage and psychotic behavior. He became delusional,  combative, hallucinating and suicidal and they treated him with powerful medications to no avail.

The gentle quiet man I had loved as my husband for 46 yrs had become an angry despondent stranger. It’s just the two of us no children or family. On a fixed income I am his sole caregiver 24/7 so for 10 months chaos ensued 911 calls EMT’S  and police it was heartbreaking. Then I took things in my own hands and said enough these meds are what is causing this.

I found a doctor who  agree got him off the meds and now his is my husband again albeit brain damaged with no memory but life is peaceful…until…that house inspection..2020 has given us complete septi system overhaul.waterline replacement from the well to the house. 3 appliances died, completely new and upgraded electrical panel as it was insufficient and not even grounded, 8 inches of water in crawl space from rain so grading and dtin pipe installed under and out of crawl space then the week we received the Christmas jar the entire hvac system quit.

I was beyond the end of my rope financially did not know how to get thru the next few months. Knowing a tax return will give us some relief but that’s months away. And I no longer have my beloved partner to discuss this with as his brilliant mind has left me but still so grateful for his still being here. When I saw the bag on our porch I thought a neighbor had left cookies then when I saw the jars of coins and the book I could not believe someone would be this kind.

We stay to ourselves I have no time other than to care for him. I did not empty the jars until that night and when the hidden currency tumbled out with the coins I  was so humbled and shocked I cried…happy tears…and some sad tears because I could not thank the person myself. So I prayed to God to please bless them and hold them close. Throughout my life i have found it difficult to ask for help….an angel did the asking for me and my Christmas jar was the answer.

—Maureen Brown