My wife has been battling lung cancer all year

My wife and I found this tin on our front porch Christmas Eve as we pulled out of the driveway. A book was also with it so I picked it up handed it to my wife in the car and drove away to have dinner at my brothers house. While I drove she opened the tin to find it full of coin, bills, and gift cards! We were shocked!

Our neighborhood is fairly safe but this was totally unexpected and we haven’t heard about Christmas Jars so what a surprise to find, but we weren’t sure what to do with it. After reading some of the book we got to dinner and of course the topic came up so everyone started looking into it- what an awesome idea to help someone we know that has a need! and what a generous offering.

You see my wife has been battling lung cancer all year and on top of a pandemic it’s been a trying time for us with doctors visits, treatments, infusions and all the complications that come along medications and protecting from viruses but this really boosted our Christmas spirits and looking forward to giving a jar next year!

— Tim and Cindy Atwood