It totaled up to $203.44

Ogden, Utah —

My name is Latasha, I am a mother of 4 beautiful young children. I am also a single parent I work long hrs to provide for my kids and make sure they have what they need. Because of that I find myself rarely home my kids barely get to be home they spend most of their days in school/daycare.
I live paycheck to paycheck most of the time and it is extremely hard not to break down at times. Today, I came home thats when my 11 year old son found my copy of the book Christmas Jar and my own Christmas jar full of coins, dollar bills and even a gift card. It totaled up to $203.44.

I instantly cried idk who put it there and with everthing going on in this world with covid and jobs in jeopardy someone still managed to do something like this for another person a STRANGER in need.

I am soo very grateful to whomever left this on door step it helped with a couple bills that were due and I didnt know how I was going to pay… im soo touched by this and in the start of reading this beautiful book I will make it my mission to Continue on with the beautiful kind gesture for another in heart is soo touched and warm this Christmas season and i Couldn’t be more blessed so I say thank you too the kind soul that did this for my family…

Soo thankful to you all.

—Latasha Whitaker