Christmas Jar Story: ‘This one act of random kindness brought him and I closer’

After last years television show regarding the Christmas jar I decided to start putting my change in a mason jar. My husband and I are retired and we live on a fixed income, so change would not be as much as for someone or some family that would be working. My groceries and gas are paid with a debit card so not a lot of change runs through my fingers.

Nonetheless, I continued to save faithfully. A few times during the year I asked God to help me pick someone as I really didn’t know of a family to whom I would be able to bless.

During the year my husband’s son went through horrible times, he lost his marriage, his home and then finally a month ago his job. I knew where to give the jar. I hadn’t shared with my husband the process of the Christmas jar. Not for any particular reason, because this year he is sharing with me in our hunt for change.

I had no idea how much was in the jar. He came for Thanksgiving with his two sons and after dinner, I brought him out the jar.

We have helped him through out the year as he struggled one crisis afterjavascript:void(0) another. However, this one act of random kindness brought him and I closer.

I am so grateful that I stepped out in faith and to do what I could do.

“she did what she could” Mark14:3-9