Christmas Jar Story: ‘i have tears falling down my face’

Lisbon Ill:

On Dec 14, 2010 I came home from getting the kids from school, to see a christmas gift bag on the back porch. My 2 kids jumped out of the van to see what was in it. I was still getting stuff from the van, when i asked what was in the bag. They said a jar full of money, I laughed and said funny, they both yelled no its a jar full of money. When i got to the back door there it was a very large jar of money. My heart was over full of joy. Along with the jar was the book, The Christmas Jars. I dont know who did this but it was a true blessing. You see on Sept 20, 2010 we lost my husband, i passed a way from a heart attack in his sleep, he had not been sick or ill so it was the worst thing ever. As i type this i have tears falling down my face. To think that someone cares so much about our family to leave us a gift like this. We belong to a very small church, and love God so much, and trust that he will take care of us. Then to find this jar proves that he does and he will see us through this very hard time. Thank you for the joy, hope and love of Christ at Christmas. I hope who ever left the jar for us knows how much joy they have given us. ( the jar had over $400.00 dollars in it) God Blessing to the jar givers….we have already started talking about our jar for next year to give to a family…we must pass on the joy, hope of God…Merry Christmas and May God Bless all of You as he has to us… Mary,Lucas and Lena from Lisbon Ill….


  1. I love that book. When I'm feeling down I read it, this book reminds me of all the good in this world. I am so happy to hear you received this wonderful gift. Merry Christmas and God bless.