That jar feels almost sacred – a gift from the Lord

It’s been a rough few years for me – loss, death, sickness, conflict, job loss, divorce, the pandemic. I suddenly developed several health issues that literally sidelined me for 4 months. Rarely went to work, missed events, holidays ruined. I was sick & it was complicated & I am normally a very upbeat person, but I was sinking into despair day by day.

We came home late on Christmas Eve to find a gift tucked in our screen door. I thought, “oh so sweet, a neighbor has left cookies or treats!” The bag was VERY heavy – I opened it to find a jar brimming with coins & bills. There was a beautiful card about Jesus seeing me & loving me. I sat shocked & amazed – the jar is still by the couch, I have never seen such a gift. We are not rich people but far from poor – needy in some ways but I felt maybe “embarrassed” to receive such a gift. There was over $1000 in cash & probably $200 in coin – so extravagant I cry every time I think of it.

That jar feels almost sacred- a gift from the Lord. I’m still sick – maybe seeing a glimmer of hope- but my heart is full – and I will indeed pass along a jar next Christmas. Just unbelievable!

I think the hardest part for me is that “I’M THE GIVER!!” I send the cards, I give the gifts, I send the meals! I will help you all day long but don’t you dare try to help me! This fall I’ve been sick then sick then sick & I’ve been so humbled. My small group came over (against my wishes!!) and put up our Christmas decorations!! And then the Christmas Jar – the Lord is teaching me humility and I’m learning to accept kindness. Thanks for your sweet book & the ripples of joy & wonder it brings! Cindy ❤️

Cindy Schmidt
Columbus, Ohio