But it’s so comforting knowing my Grandbabies are safe and fed

I am a fairly new Grandmother to two beautiful babies. My daughter had three babies in 2020. Sophia is a sassy two year old now. Her twin brothers Raymond and Charles were born early at 24 weeks. Unfortunately Charles did not survive, passing after 5 months in ICU. Raymond came home and is now one year old.

My daughter has had her struggles with the wrong crowd, no parenting skills, CPS called many times. As my husband and I try to grieve for Charles there are so many other things happening that we just don’t have time. We’ve spent the past two years worrying about the safety and well being of these two precious children.

Recently my daughter was arrested with a felony count and went to jail for 30 days. She got out, didn’t follow probation rules and is now on house arrest. My husband and I took the children in under temporary custody and gave these babies a stable home and so much love. Ray is flourishing from his 1.6 pound birth weight to a solid 14 pounds. My husband is a Firefighter/Medic and I work at the local Nuclear plant. We both work full time. Ray has medical concerns where he gets nebulizer treatments and sees an eye surgeon. He doesn’t sleep much. Both are in diapers and bottles still.

Since September our lives have been put on hold as we provide a good life to these babies.

Today I got home and the Christmas Jar was on my doorstep wrapped in Christmas paper along with the book. I’d never heard of it before and have no idea who dropped it off. I will say it made me cry. So many sleepless nights, fevers, dirty diapers and baby drool… someone knows we are doing a good job. I’m 57 years old and exhausted. But it’s so comforting knowing my Grandbabies are safe and fed. I’m going to read my book and smile at the thought of someone being so kind!

—Cathy Conzone