It was the first Christmas without my husband after losing him tragically to injuries from a car accident

Venice, Florida —

Last year at Christmas time, a “Christmas Jar” appeared on my front steps. I was wondering if it had been delivered to the wrong house, but upon searching, I found that it is a tradition.  It was filled with at least $100 worth of silver change, several $20, $5 and $10 bills, and a few gift cards to local places. 

I was overwhelmed, as it touched my heart immensely, after everything we’d been thru. It was the first Christmas without my husband after losing him tragically to injuries from a car accident.  I vowed to keep up the tradition by delivering one myself,  year after year.

This year was my first Christmas Jar that I was giving away. I have been saving my silver change all year, and filled two jars. However, since I didn’t know anyone else, I’m going to save the other jar full of change for someone else next year. I just sold some items on Facebook marketplace that I no longer needed.

I took the $140 that I received from those, and stuffed it inside the jar with the silver change. I also had an AutoZone $30 gift card, that I will not use, that I put inside the jar.  I didn’t know who I was going to give the jar to, since I’m new here in Florida, and didn’t know many people, especially ones with a hardship, or someone just needing an emotional pick me up. I had kept wondering how I would find someone in time for Christmas to give it to.

When I went to go to the nail salon to have my nails done last week, “*****”, the nail technician, was so open, and sweet, and just in conversation, was telling me her story of her life here in Florida over the past couple of years. She lost her home due to a hurricane in 2004. Her husband is disabled, her car is old and in need of repair, and she works several jobs just to make ends meet. I started thinking that SHE would be the person I would want to give my jar to!!!

Then, I came home, and after a friend was mentioning on Facebook that I needed to ‘armor-all’ my tires on my golf cart, I went out immediately and did it. I shined them up, and took a picture to send back to him to show him that I did it. I looked closer at the tires for the first time.  And, I couldn’t believe it….the name of my tires on the golf cart happens to be “*****“. What?!?!   I had never realized before.   I kind of took that as a sign ❤️.

I dropped the jar off for “*****” at the salon on Saturday.  I had asked someone who was walking in from the parking lot, to bring it in for me so I’d remain anonymous.  The next day “*****”  worked was Tuesday. I wish I could have seen her reaction to the jar sitting on her work station.  I hope that it brings her and her family some joy and peace, this Christmas ❤️ as my heart is full.