The envelope just said, ‘this Christmas Jar is for you!’

Parksley, Virginia—

After reading the Christmas Jars, last year I decided to do a jar to give away. My daughters and I have been the recipient of many blessings after a house fire and the death of their father at the age of 45 several years ago. Reading the Christmas Jars was so heartfelt that I knew I had to begin a new tradition for our family. I labeled a Mason jar C.J. and but it out on the kitchen counter.  My girls are grown now and out on their own. I told them about the jar and shared the book. By Christmas morning the jar was full.

We all scrambled for last minute change in our pocketbooks and car trays. After my grandchildren 5 and 8 had opened all their gifts, I asked them if they wanted to ride out for a few minutes. We live in a rural area and riding out is common practice here! I told them that we were going to play Santa Claus to someone we did not know, but thought they might enjoy getting a gift. A gift of a Christmas Jar.

I told them to look at the different homes down the street and pick one out. My grandson saw a very large newly built home all decorated for Christmas and said, “how about that one!” He’s 5 and didn’t quite get it yet! We passed by several prospects, but we finally agreed on a small simple home. It had a handicapped ramp and a walker on the porch. No sign of any holiday decorations.

I asked the kids if they wanted me to go run the jar up to the front door, but they said they wanted to do it. One carried the jar and the other carried a card. The envelope just said, ‘this Christmas Jar is for you!” Inside the card said, ” May the miracle of Christmas be with you today” . They ran up to the door with such excitement!

As they ran back in their Christmas pjs and cowboy boots, and jumped back in the car, the front door opened. I had hoped to be gone by then, but we weren’t. We began to drive off and I told the kids to wave. The lady at the door waved, picked up the jar and card, hugged them both, the jar and card, and blew kisses. I told the kids, “Now thats Christmas! Making someone happy and not telling anyone what you did, make it a secret”

My granddaughter said that was so fun can we do it next year? I said of course. We were all smiles. There is a jar on the kitchen counter, “C.J.” ready for Christmas 2021.