‘Made a list of all the people I know who needed some Christmas joy’

Last night my family gave away its second set of Christmas Jars…..my soul was been touched in ways I never would have thought possible. Our Christmas Jars were meant to bless the lives of others but it is truly our lives that have been blessed.

The Lord has been good to my family this year. We welcomed the birth of a third grandchild and are currently waiting patiently for the fourth to arrive, we are all healthy, my husband is employed, and I am doing well in school. Yes, life has been kind to us this year, but sadly the lives those we love, know, work with, and who are our neighbors have http://www.chicagobearsjerseyspop.com have experienced an untold number of struggles. No, life has not been easy for with many of the people that we know.

Deciding who should receive our Christmas Jar this year was proving to be a difficult decision because we know too many people who could use it. So how does one choose which of their friends, co-workers, or neighbors should receive the Christmas Jar? We couldn’t choose…..we simply could not bless one while another struggled this year.

In March of this year my family received a wonderful financial blessing. Not having any MONTAGNAPERTA plans for the money we put it in the bank for a rainy day.

Last Monday, I sat down at my desk and made a list of all the people I know who needed some Christmas joy. When I finish there were 12 familes on my list. After making my list I dumped the contents of the Chirstmas jar on the table and began counting the change and bills….$439.50. Divided by 12 that we be about $36.50 a family. Surely we could do better than that right?

I have always been of the opinion that money is important when you need it, but that we shouldn’t focus on having so much of it. Too much of anything is never a good thing.

My husband and I decided that while we may have been financially blessed in March we were really only the safe keepers of that money. We finally understood that the money that we received wasn’t intended for our personal use. The Lord had other plans for it, we just needed to figure out what those plans were. We firgured it out. The money was meant to go to those 12 families, so we withdrew the money our of the bank split it 12 ways and made our jars. Each family will surely have a wonderful Christmas but more than having a Happy Chirstmas I hoped that they would feel all the love that God has for them.

As for me and my husband, we were overcome with emotion yesterday and completely fell apart. (in a good way) When one of the jar recipients called on the phone last night to tell us Warenkorb what they found on their doorstep. My heart exploded with joy when they stated…”We feel so loved.” They are!