‘I felt like a starving street person’

Clarksville, Tennessee

On Christmas Eve this year, I received an unmarked wholesale NBA jerseys box on my front doorstep. Inside was a mason jar full of bills and coins. It was simply marked in red and green letters as the “Christmas Jar”. Included in the box was a plain wrapped gift. I franticly tore open the gift hoping to find some clue as to the intent of the jar, and found Jason Wright’s book, The Christmas Jar.

Quickly I scanned through its cover to find a summarized description of the book, and the reason behind the gifts. If I wasn’t on medication to prevent me from crying, I would have been shedding those tears aplenty as I counted the money. Inside the center of the single one dollar bills, was a hidden one-hundred dollar bill. I felt like a starving street person as I scrounged and sorted the coins. I added up a total of $158.71.

I am a 47 yr old single parent of two, and have been for greator than 17 yrs. I don’t receive assistance. I work. ! I am the percentage that makes more than what is needed to qualify, but x still the income is only enough to pay the bills.

I’m unable to finish my story, it has been difficult to explain. Suffice it to wholesale jerseys say, I would not have been able to buy any presents for my Second kids without the money in the jar, and I thank Mr. Wright’s book for the inspiration that encouraged Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys some friend of mine to help me. And honestly, I thank God, because he does hear our prayers, and always provides me with just exactly Christmas’ what I need!