I found out I have Pancreatic cancer

Pine Bush, New York —

My name is Traci and I received a box of jars, eleven to be exact. I received them 12/16/2020. My story is this, I was laid off for the pandemic in March only to be called back 3 weeks later. In June we were told our company was closing due to not being able to be competitive in the market. They closed down our company in all of North America.

During my 90 days before being jobless I found out I have Pancreatic cancer. I found it early enough that I should have no problem beating it. In three weeks from today I will be in Sloan Kettering having the surgery to remove the cancer. I found out yesterday it will be happening then. Today I came home to a wooden crate of 11 jars, a index card saying Merry Christmas and the book….. Christmas Jars ❤️

Tonight I will read my book and start my jar for next year. I have heard of this before but I am extremely grateful to the signatures, Your Friends Forever ❤️