Who would do such a thing for me?

Clinton, Indiana—

I received a jar today at work. An officer from the county’s sheriff’s department delivered the Christmas bag to my office. A couple of my colleagues brought it back to me and said the officer told them he was to deliver it, but couldn’t say who it was from. I was confused and to be honest, a little concerned about what I would find in the bag. I pulled out the book, some literature about the Bible and a small card, and finally the jar. I was dumbfounded. Who would do such a thing for me? I wondered if the anonymous donor got the name right, if the gift was for someone else. I am humbled, overjoyed, and still confused but feel blessed that someone wanted to do this for me. One of the women I work with said one of her daughters had received a jar some time ago. I am used to doing things for others, it is heartwarming to be on the receiving end. I want to thank the individual or group that gave this to me.

—Andrea Craft