What a blessing it was cause we were raised to help others

Sigourney, Iowa

This year I got cancer stage 4 advanced ovarian cancer, I had a eight hour surgery on may the 3rd to have my ovaries removed and 5 tumors one being 3.1 pounds it was cancerous also so i went threw intense chemo it didn’t make me sick but it did drain me of my energy and i lost all my hair my chemo lasted from may too September when the chemo was stopped due to it helping me any more so i got a 3 month break i go back on the 20th of January for a ct scan to see where things are at in the mean time my church family at Marion Avenue Baptist church has been a blessing to me i have been showered with gifts and money and clothes the time during my treatment and Christmas day i got a package from a friend that was given to me by another friend and when i opened it cause she said i was to hold on to the bottom of the bag cause it was heavy and it was it had the Christmas Jar book and $100 in $20 in side the front cover of the book and $39 dollars in bills and the rest in coins what a blessing it was cause we were raised to help others and that’s what i do i run a free help center for people in need no matter where there from cause we had help are selves growing up people giving us stuff from food to toys as we needed help even though my mom would still help some one when we came across some one down and out.