We were in need of something much more

Kansas City, Kansas

I was in my living room wrapping presents on Christmas Eve with my husband when I got an anonymous text from an unknown number reading, “Merry Christmas! Look on your porch.” It honestly freaked me out and I made my husband go check. It was a full jar of coins with the book “Christmas Jars.” We finished wrapping presents talking about who it could possibly be from. When we were done and had cleaned up, I spent the next couple hours reading this amazing book. We weren’t in need of money. We were in need of something much more. I had been feeling in my heart for weeks that I wanted Christmas to be more than opening presents and eating good food. I told my husband after this Christmas I wanted to take our Christmas and give it to someone else who needs it. I want to teach our children to have giving hearts and not be disappointed because they didn’t get a lot of gifts or that one they really wanted. I wanted to be used by God to help others. When I read the line in the book where Adam asked if they just gave away Christmas…I knew it was God who had sent that person to us to give us the jar. I already can’t wait to start collecting for our Christmas jar for next year. This is what I had been needing. God is so truly amazing. 12/25/2017