We know the jar didn’t have much

Aurora, Colorado

There is a post on here from 2014 in Aurora Colorado. The recipient stated that she didn’t know if we knew her story or not. We didn’t. My husband, who had been baptized two months earlier uttered a prayer to guide us to someone the Lord knew needed it. He drove straight to Target and we were directed to her by the manager there. We were so touched when we later read her story. It was faith-affirming for us all.
Last year, my sweet 44-year-old husband passed away. We didn’t do our jar last year as we were so heartbroken. This year, we returned to Target and once again, the manager directed us to a woman who needed a lift. She was nearly in tears and told us it had been a difficult year. We understand. Our lives have been blessed many times by neighbors and church members as we have suffered through our grief. Being able to bless someone else’s life was uplifting to us. We know the jar didn’t have much, but it had the love in our hearts.