Things Have Been Stressful

Aubrey, Texas

2016 and 2017 have been two of the hardest years of my life. My husband has been fighting stage four cancer and unable to work much. My mother has been diagnosed with dimentia as well as been hospitalized twice, once for a broken hip and once for a heart problem. Things have been stressful to say the least, but God has shown himself to us in so many ways. One of those ways was through the anonymous gift of a Christmas jar which was left on our porch this past December. Not only did the jar contain the money to pay on medical bills we owe, but served as a reminder that God always provides for our needs. We feel so blessed to have been touched by this tradition that we can’t wait to pass on the tradition and bless someone else in need next year. Thank you to God and to the little angel who gave from their heart to bless us this year. It shall never be forgotten.