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This is a sampling of true, unedited Christmas Jar miracles submitted by jar givers and receivers around the country.

Do any of these inspire you?

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  • Hacked By Imam December 28, 2016


    Hacked By Imam


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  • Hacked By GeNErAL December 27, 2016

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    Hacked By GeNErAL


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  • We are extremely grateful to the young man December 27, 2016

    Puyallup, Washington viagra tablets sale

    My husband and I were out getting lunch and then went to get diapers for our son. We were in a Riteaide parking lot. While my husband was strapping him into his car seat a young boy came up behind him and said “excuse me ” He turned around and the boy gave him a jar and the book. My husband was confused and thought he was collecting money. But the kid said no it’s for you Merry Christmas. My husband said thank you and Merry Christmas. The kid ... Read more

  • I have come to feel what joys are December 27, 2016

    Lockport, New York

    I have no words…but a full heart of gratefulness! After breakfast with my children I went for a long walk. I was picking up the yard and discovered this jar on my front porch. I was in awe…not only full of change and dollars…but gift cards to local grocery stores! A blessing beyond belief! It has been such a difficult time ….with family dynamics . I cry thinking about what people have done for me and my family. I have come to feel what joys are……I am so thankful. I will be filling this ... Read more

  • I had a very good feeling of kindness and was glad to be a part of it December 27, 2016

    Henderson, Nevada

    7th year of saving and giving a Christmas Jar. So here is the story of the best experience of Christmas. As you can see my hubby and I have given 7 jars away in 7 years. My girlfriend has always wanted to hear the stories, so to make it different this year we have her and her hubby give the jar. She had all kinds of questions— what if they aren’t home ,what if a kid answers the door etc etc. I told her everything would work out and to just breathe. so off ... Read more

  • It made me cry to think someone thought about me and wanted to help December 27, 2016

    Hello world!

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  • Just when I was starting to lose the Christmas spirit December 27, 2016

    Lancaster, New York

    I was ready to go to bed and then I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and seen a Christmas gift bag. I swear I heard some laughing but I didn’t see anyone. Who ever it was must of rounded the corner before I could see him/her. I picked up the bag and it felt heavy and heard what I thought was salt (thought the neighbors were giving me a hint about the ice build up at the end of my driveway). I brought it in, picked up ... Read more

  • A family in a neighboring town was in a terrible car accident in September December 27, 2016

    Burley, Idaho

    We are giving away our seventh jar today. Over the years, the size of the jar has increased as the kids have gotten older and able to earn money, contributing more to the cause. A couple years into it, we decided to only put silver coins and bills in the jar, collecting the pennies in a separate jar and converting them to silver coins at the end of the year, increasing the value of the jar. I love seeing the money grow throughout the year, reminding me of Christmas every day I drop money ... Read more

  • We went into an IHOP and we are convinced that God lead us to the right table December 25, 2016

    Front Royal, Virginia

    This is not our first year giving away a Christmas Jar but it might be our most memorable.

    After giving jars away anonymously with ding-dong ditches we decided this year we would give it away in a restaurant. We’ve always wanted to try it. So we went into an IHOP and we are convinced that God lead us to the right table.

    We found pretty quickly that our server was back on the job for the first day in a long time after having a baby. So not only is she missing her baby, but ... Read more

  • Hacked By GeNErAL December 24, 2016

    ~!Hacked By GeNErAL alias Mathis!~

    Hacked By GeNErAL


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    Hacked By GeNErAL! !

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  • I had finally left my abusive relationship December 24, 2016

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    This was the first Christmas my child and I would have without a tree, without gifts, without a home. I had finally left my abusive relationship after the last attack left me hospitalized. I am well educated. I had a well paying career that solely supported our home but now was left homeless as it wasn’t safe to return. My teenager knew the situation and that we wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas this year. Although upset, she understood and would tell me we’re healthy, we’re happy, we’re safe every day.

    Being so close to Christmas ... Read more

  • I am so beyond thankful for the generous heart of someone else December 23, 2016

    Centerville, Ohio

    Everyone has their own journeys in life and this is mine. I have been married to a wonderful man of 16 years. He took in my two children at the time, two and six years old and raised them as his own. Together we added two more children, so now we are a family of 6. He loved his job, we loved our life and I was able to be a stay at home mom.

    On November 4, 2012 our lives were about to change into a downward spiral, up and down roller coaster, hectic ... Read more

  • I received a jar tonight from a kid December 23, 2016

    Anaheim, California

    I received a jar tonight from a kid that had to be at least 12-13 years old. I had no idea who the kid was I asked him did I know him he said no it’s just a random act of kindness Merry Christmas and he walked away. I put the bag on the kitchen table not knowing what was inside. I took the jar out and it was full of money. I didn’t know what to do or think but I was greatful for what happen tonight. The best part about it was ... Read more

  • My husband smuggled in our huge Christmas jar December 23, 2016

    Jacksonville, Florida

    This is our ninth year of giving Christmas jars. In 2011, my mother passed away. On our way home for the funeral, we ate our Christmas dinner in a Waffle House, the only place open.
    The waitress, told us in conversation, that she was a College student. She did not get much at Christmas because her education cost so much, and met of the money for presents went to her little brother.

    My husband smuggled in our huge Christmas jar. I wrote on the paper placemat, why we were even in Tennessee. Left a huge tip ... Read more

  • We can not wait to start our own jar December 23, 2016

    Zephyr, Texas

    Upon returning home last evening I found the Christmas jar wrapped with the book. I finishished the book this morning with tears streaming down my face. This means more to my family than anyone could ever know. We can not wait to start our own jar!


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  • I can’t even put into words, what this meant to our family December 23, 2016

    Alliance, Nebraska

    We are truly blessed! I had never heard of the tradition of Christmas Jars until we were unexpectedly chosen by someone to be the receivers.

    It happened after dark last night with the doorbell ringing. Our 12 year old son went to answer the door and he then came walking back into the house caring a VERY HEAVY Christmas bag and he said he thought it was full of money. I asked from who? He explained no one was there but this bag was left. And that is a feat in itself as we ... Read more

  • Its times like these that y relieze that there are angels out there!!! December 23, 2016

    East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

    Well today starting off like any other day really, running errands,running around after my very active 4 year old daughter,and stressing over money!!!!! Its December 21 st ( already) and I haven’t worked all month long due to an illness.Christmas presents?? Forget it not this year maybe next and bills?????Not happing either.

    While staring out my screendoor trying not to let on that I’m now panicking I see a car drive by slowly with the passenger pointing toward my house they stop and get out I think their lost so I saw are ... Read more

  • A miracle , an answered prayer, an amazing gift! December 23, 2016

    Guilford, Connecticut

    Tonight I learned what a “Christmasjar” is. I recently left a DV situation with 3 children. We traded 15 years of building a dream (I rescued animals on my small farm) for a chance at a safe and peaceful home. It’s been a struggle. Quiet a fight. Along this journey I’ve had many ” Angels ” on my path. I took a leap a faith… I was terrified. Literally paralyzed by fear of not being able to provide for my children. I am surviving. My children have a fight free home. Earlier ... Read more

  • As I type this letter I am in tears not a big crier December 21, 2016

    Oil City, Pennsylvania

    I am a single father my kids have lived with me full time for many years .son is now in army I am very proud . my daughter is 13 she is a wonderful person and very proud of the person she is always thoughtful of others and always their to help . life is hard being a single parent and many talks of way their mother has little to nothing to do with their life but no matter how hard life is I am always here we put our kids ... Read more

  • We raised over $200 December 20, 2016

    Denver, Colorado

    After reading the book, I gave each family member a cookie jar (filled with them) and instructed them to eat the contents and then save their change throughout the year. We raised over $200 and then decided on a cause to give it to. Those jars were heavy carrying them into the bank! I have encouraged others to follow suit and one friend’s mother’s group did likewise. It’s a great tradition to carry on.


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