I will fill this jar throughout the year

Freeburg, Illinois

This year has been very hard on our family. Two years ago my parents lost their home that they raised us kids in for 28 years. They had been together for 30 years this year but they never married. I instantly new I had to move them in with me. My daddy who didn’t father me but raised me since I was 5 years old was hospital bed and wheel chair bound after suffer 3 strokes and a bleed on the brain this man was more then amazing. Early this year he started really going down hill. In The beginning of March he had gotten aspiration pneumonia for like the 10th time the hospital offered a feeding tube but he refused cause they said he might not even make it through the surgery. So I brought him back home and my mother and I along with my husband and our 4 boys took care of him. Even on his worse days he would always tell me how proud he was of me and how beautiful I was. We had to call in hospice to help us with him. On April 27th in my living room I pronounce my daddy gone at 845pm. My mom isn’t in the greatest health herself and can’t work when my daddy died she lost his Social security. I helped pay for his funeral and burial and I was supporting my mom 100%. I got behind on my bills. I work as much as I can and my husband too but we just couldn’t get caught back up. We sent all the money we had to get our boys Christmas this year. We had very little money left till our next payday. We had very little food left to feed our boys. Then an angel knocked on our door tonight Christmas eve 2017 at 1130pm and left a Chrismas jar filled with $347.40 along with the book. I read the whole thing while everyone slept with tears pouring down my face. I can now buy food for my kids. I will fill this jar throughout the year and along with my kids next year we will pay it forward and leave it for someone else. Thank you to our Angel.