I went to bed feeling forlorn

Henderson, Nevada

8th jar in our 8th year.

Here is the story this year. My truest and trusted contact left her position and she always furnish me with the best names. So I contacted three times by e mail and one phone call her replacement. Not a response. Contacted another person by phone..no call back. So I thought this is not going to happened this year. Oh well …. I thought I could give two jars next Christmas. So I went to bed feeling forlorn..and God woke me up at 2 in the morning..in the dead of the night and God said give it away at Church I will lead you to the correct person. Happy happy I called my girlfriend on the way to church and told her what God had said to me. Well HE pointed and I said “Merry Christmas” to the father who had about 4 or 5 kids and skipped happily out of Church.

Thank you, Jason, for the gift of the story of the Christmas Jar.. now I start saving today for number 9.