I had the only income in the home

Indianapolis, Indiana

My husband, my soulmate, my best friend was diagnosed with rectal cancer in June. Late stage and only option after heavy doses of chemo and radiation was a colostomy bag. Our family was devastated. Our son was to go play college football and life was supposed to be taking off in a new direction. My husband couldn’t work at this point, and all the bills were piling up on me. I had the only income in the home. He was denied disability. We had no idea what the holidays were going to be like. This was the first time we couldn’t dig ourselves out and get some Christmas in the house. We had our tree up and kept our faith strong. We were sitting in the front room watching Christmas cartoons. I was making a batch of old fashioned chocolate chip cookies. All of a sudden there was a mysterious knock at the door. It was dark and no one was there just a wire basket, a big pretty bow, and the basket was heavy and piled with stuffing paper. My son and I brought it in and there it was! A Christmas jar! It was so overwhelming to think children were so concerned and caring for someone else. I couldn’t stop crying in joy. It meant more than any gift I have ever gotten. I didn’t know the story of the Christmas jars until this year. I read the first page and realized what just happened and the tradition that has been going on. I will be saving up a Christmas jar this year for someone just like myself. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime and feeling God’s work behind the scenes. It was truly a Christmas miracle. What a blessing! I am thankful and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful miracle working program. Thank you who ever left this Christmas jar, we had a great Christmas because of YOU, who were so thoughtful. You all collected, saved and blessed us. To think about how long this has been going on, that you all had it planned out. I didn’t know the world was watching! 🙂