I can’t even put into words, what this meant to our family

Alliance, Nebraska

We are truly blessed! I had never heard of the tradition of Christmas Jars until we were unexpectedly chosen by someone to be the receivers.

It happened after dark last night with the doorbell ringing. Our 12 year old son went to answer the door and he then came walking back into the house caring a VERY HEAVY Christmas bag and he said he thought it was full of money. I asked from who? He explained no one was there but this bag was left. And that is a feat in itself as we live on a hill with a lot of stairs….can you say Angel <3

We looked into the bag to find a wonderful typed note briefly explaining the Christmas Jar and we were chosen….and a gallon ziplock bag Full of change.

I can’t even put into words, what this meant to our family. The thought of knowing someone or some people took the time out of their busy lives to pass a blessing onto us is incredible.

We are currently going through a very difficult time…and have been for a few years. My husband is battling cancer and many other rare illnesses and we are blessed to still have him with us this Christmas. He is unable to work and needs constant care so I made the choice to leave my career almost a year ago to care for him…as I feel family is the most important thing in our lives. Without family you have nothing. So here I am doing my best to keep our family afloat as we have 3 young boys and least to say money is tight. So whoever blessed us – God Bless them! You have no idea how much this means and I pray at some point I am able to pay this forward to someone else. Merry Christmas.