Found a jar full of money

Crown Point, Indiana

Spotted a bag on the brick on my garage so I went out to get it. When I picked it up found it to be pretty heavy. I took it in my house opened it up & found a jar full of money. Also found a Christmas Jars book. my wife read the whole book telling me about the stories while she was reading. She like the stories she couldn’t put it down. To whoever dropped it off we thank you especially for the book, but we don’t need the money as much as a lot of other so I added some of my own money to it & dropped it off where a friend is staying. his name is Johny. He has been needing a kidney for about 4 years now. he goes to dialysis 3 times a week. It really takes a lot out of him. He pretty much stays home in bed afterwards. he gets a little bit of disability which isn’t enough to live on his own so he stays with a friend. Without him he would be out on the street, so i thought he deserved it more than me. I think this is a great tradition> thanks for sharing it with me.