As I type this letter I am in tears not a big crier

Oil City, Pennsylvania

I am a single father my kids have lived with me full time for many years .son is now in army I am very proud . my daughter is 13 she is a wonderful person and very proud of the person she is always thoughtful of others and always their to help . life is hard being a single parent and many talks of way their mother has little to nothing to do with their life but no matter how hard life is I am always here we put our kids first least that’s how I see life .

I had really good job for years and thought life was good but when kids mother choose different path that didn’t include us about ten years ago things have been tough .I could no longer do the job I had I tried using babysitters help from friends but job wanted me to b away to much and kids were having a really rough time .so I had to step away and b full time mom and dad . I am thankful that I have friends who own business that I have been able to work at from time to time around my schedule as I raise my kids . I always put a happy face may very tight but am thankful that I can fix most anything so we may not have the latest and greatest things but we get by and are happy . I am always the first to help anyone in need without pay cause I know times are hard for everyone .

I received a jar today I didn’t know what it was seen lady walking up to door with jar of money so I ran and got a couple dollars for her and she handed me the jar I said what is this and she said this is for you merry Christmas .

I was dumb founded didn’t know what to say as I came into house and as I type this letter I am in tears not a big crier but I am very thankful don’t know who did this but I am thankful . I have never heard of this before thank you so much for this .. merry Christmas to you all ..