All I know is that God has been looking over me

Lockport, New York

After moving to Lockport NY from Greensboro NC . we had only been here for a couple of months ,didn’t really know anyone just getting settled . I simply went outside to put garbage in the can and to my amazement I just happened to look down and saw a simple brown paper bag with handles , on the front was a heartfelt message written in black magic marker “here’s wishing you the warmest Christmas spirits”. As I picked it up it was a little heavy. First I pulled out a book Christmas Jars (I had never heard of this before ) Then I looked inside and saw the top of a mason jar ,I pulled it out and saw several dollar bills ,saved with change (as if it was someone s change jar ). I had first thought a mutual friend had left it when they had dropped off some donations from her church , I had mentioned it to her and she had never heard of ‘Christmas Jars either . As I told my story to a few family members they had never heard of it as well . All I know it that God has been looking over me for a long time now ,and has truly blessed me in my move . so it will be my turn to pass this treasured gift next year to someone that will be blessed by a angel.