All his family’s valuables and Christmas gifts were stolen

North Richland Hills, Texas

Four days before Christmas this year I received a group email requesting help for man and his family. This man was known to me through a local high school football team. He has been their “character coach” from FCA for this past season. Tragically, his home was broken into the week before Christmas and all his family’s valuables and Christmas gifts were stolen. Did I mention he is a minister to the homeless in Dallas, Texas and works tirelessly to serve others?

The team’s head coach asked for his team and the community to help this family by making monetary donations that he accepted for the family at the school three days before Christmas. I thought about donating but it had slipped my mind until I saw my “Christmas Jar” sitting on the end table in my living room. As soon as I saw the jar I knew exactly what I was going to do! I added a $20 bill to the jar and placed it in a gift bag along with a copy of the book, Christmas Jars, and a Christmas card wishing the family the best for Christmas and the new year – all anonymously.

God guided me to notice my jar knowing this family would be the perfect recipients of it’s contents. I have already started a new jar and look forward to seeing what God has planned for this Christmas Jar!