A miracle , an answered prayer, an amazing gift!

Guilford, Connecticut

Tonight I learned what a “Christmasjar” is. I recently left a DV situation with 3 children. We traded 15 years of building a dream (I rescued animals on my small farm) for a chance at a safe and peaceful home. It’s been a struggle. Quiet a fight. Along this journey I’ve had many ” Angels ” on my path. I took a leap a faith… I was terrified. Literally paralyzed by fear of not being able to provide for my children. I am surviving. My children have a fight free home. Earlier today I had a friend who needed some groceries and another who needed a Christmas tree for her child, I dipped into my rent money to help them today. A couple hours later I received this Christmas jar gift. I was absolutely stunned!!! Whoever did this has touched 3 families with just one jar!!! A miracle , an answered prayer, an amazing gift! I can not thank you enough!!! May 2017 bring you many blessings!! Thank you!